• Jerusalem Awards: The Results

    Jerusalem Awards: The Results

    So a couple of months ago, I was informed that I had been nominated for two Jerusalem Awards, Long Form and Series or Strand. One for Holy Places with Roger & Julia Bolton and for ‘Have we misread the Bible’ with Justin Brierley.

    On Holy Places, I did all the editing and post production work, which was a lot of work as everything was recorded on location, then alongside Roger I had to go through all the audio, often hours and hours, to get 26 minutes of audio. There were six episodes in total with guests such as Ann Widdecombe and Rev. Richard Coles.

    Have We Misread the Bible, was a series of four parts in which Steve Chalke and Andrew Wilson battled out against each other, expressing their opinions on different subjects.

    JerusalemAwardsOn the night, we headed along to BAFTA and the shortlist for each category was reduced to finalists, which I’m delighted to say, both entries were. However, we didn’t win either category. One the upside, Premier won a special award for their contribution to Christian broadcasting.

    I did get to bring home a nice certificate for Holy Places and Have We Misread the Bible.. Yay!