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  • Hello Big Bad World! #hirenessy

    DegreeSo I graduated two weeks ago and got this nice piece of paper, which I promptly left in the boot of my Mum’s car and haven’t seen since. (She says it’s safe). We all dressed up like Harry Potter for the day and went to the Helix were I was bestowed with a Bachelor of Science in Multimedia.

    Now for the fun bit, the real world stuff. I’m looking for a job. You can read all about me here and you can see my LinkedIn Profile here. If you want I can send you my snazzy awesome CV, just send me your email and I’ll get it to you.

    A brief recap, I’ve experience in Radio and Video Production as well as well as Social Media Management and Production Co-ordination and Management. I’m open to try new things, if you think I’m a good fit for you, get in touch.

  • 3D Modeling: Corporate Identity

    For my second 3D assignment, I had to make a corporate identity, so I decided to make one for my blog The software I used for this included Cinema 4D, After Effects, Premier Pro and Adobe Audition for the audio. Here’s how it turned out.

  • 3D Modeling: iPhone

    College is now coming to an end, yay! Here’s what I did for my 3D assignment 1. I modelled an iPhone. Happy enough with how it turned out, what do you think? I quite enjoyed getting to know Cinema 4D a little better, hopefully, I’ll start making some little things on a ongoing basis.

    Iphone modelled by Nessy (more…)

  • Thesis ready to hand in!

    thesisFinally, after a lot of work, my thesis is ready to hand in. I can’t say that it was hard work as I enjoyed doing it so much. I think the worse bit was transcribing all the interviews. With my title ‘The Roll out of Digital Audio Broadcasting in Ireland and Explorations into the Future Radio Landscape’, I think I’ve achieved what I wanted to.

    Once the analogue television switch over happens, this will leave a lot of frequencies open for the potential to terrestrially broadcast digitally using DAB or DAB+.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people from within the radio industry in Ireland and the U.K. for their time and patience with all my questions. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you all and hopefully we shall chat again soon. Also thanks to my supervisors, see I told you I could do it!

    Anyway to the radio professionals I spoke to, thank you