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  • The London Ear on RTÉ 2XM // New Timeslot

    The London Ear on RTÉ 2XM // New Timeslot


    This week sees the launch of RTÉ 2XM‘s new schedule. The guys have been hard at work getting new studios sorted in Dublin for 2XM and from the photos I’ve seen, they look shit-hot!

    That does means, however, after four years of having a show (The London Ear and Culture Cafe before that) on a Wednesday, we’re moving to Saturdays at 1300.

    I’m really looking forward to having the show on a Saturday and I think it’s a great move to try and do more for the Irish community in London. Most people tend to work Monday-Friday, so there’s no excuse for not listening on a Saturday.

    Plus, if you miss it then you can always listen on the RTÉ player and on Mixcloud.

    So remember, new time, Saturday 1300, same Bat channel!

    Pic from here

  • Video // Kacey Chambers – Core

    Video // Kacey Chambers – Core

    Kacey Chambers is and up and coming singer songwriter from London, who dropped into Premier for a chat and a song with Loretta Andrews, for ‘Unsigned’ which airs on Saturday at 6pm on Premier Gospel and at 9pm on Premier Christian Radio.

    Kacey was joined by Mike Brown, an absolutely legendary guitar player who has played with the legend that is George Michael, as well as Quincey Jones and countless other names. It was a pleasure to watch the master at work and knowing that he will still give up his time to play with a still ‘unknown’ is pretty cool. Plus as a huge George Michael fan, it was quite a kick for me 🙂

    Audio recorded by me, Phil Maltz on lighting cameraman duties.

  • Premier Postcards // Voiceover

    Premier Postcards // Voiceover

    OConnellStDUBLINSo in work, January was themed ‘Travel Month’ in association with the Christian Holiday Guide and throughout each week in 2015, there will be ‘audio postcards‘ broadcast referring to different holiday destinations. It’s a ‘what to do in…’ piece.

    Of course, with an Irish accent in a London office, I got the job of doing the voiceover and writing the postcard from Dublin. Mentioning alcohol is a bit of a no-no in our organisation so that ruled out the Guinness Storehouse and The Jameson Distillery, I had to get creative and I admit, I’ve never been to the leprechaun museum… oops!

  • Video // Becca Folkes: It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

    Video // Becca Folkes: It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

    Sometimes you meet artists who just have it, they have it without even trying. If you want to call it the X Factor, do, but it’s something special. One such artist is Becca Folkes. For Christmas we had some people come into the studio at work and perform a Christmas song. Some did originals, other take on classics.

    I never heard of Becca Folkes before that but herself and the people that surround her have everything down to a T! They know what they are supposed to be doing, they’re pros. They come, don’t complain, get stuck into the session and when they the rehearsing stops and the performing starts, they ooze quality, with Becca, the shining star front and centre.

    An incredible talent, remember where you heard the name first!

    I recorded this track, Mr Phil Maltz, did the magic with the cameras and lights and shiny things..