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  • Video // Daniel March and Sam Nafie // Little Drummer Boy

    Video // Daniel March and Sam Nafie // Little Drummer Boy

    SamNafieDanielMarch2We’ve been hard at work putting together 27 videos for an Advent Calendar, this was today’s.

    Sam Nafie and Dan March are two Australians who are based in London. Daniel was in for a solo acoustic session a couple of months ago and we were so impressed that we asked Daniel to come to do another track for us for Advent.

    This time, Daniel brought along his mate Sam Nafie for a rendition of the David Bowie / Bing Crosby classic, ‘A Little Drummer Boy’.

    Sam has a great voice but Daniel’s guitar playing is outstanding. The audio was also recorded for broadcast for Premier Unsigned at Christmas. Have a look…

  • Premier Postcards // Voiceover

    Premier Postcards // Voiceover

    OConnellStDUBLINSo in work, January was themed ‘Travel Month’ in association with the Christian Holiday Guide and throughout each week in 2015, there will be ‘audio postcards‘ broadcast referring to different holiday destinations. It’s a ‘what to do in…’ piece.

    Of course, with an Irish accent in a London office, I got the job of doing the voiceover and writing the postcard from Dublin. Mentioning alcohol is a bit of a no-no in our organisation so that ruled out the Guinness Storehouse and The Jameson Distillery, I had to get creative and I admit, I’ve never been to the leprechaun museum… oops!

  • Video: Natalie Phillips – Silent Tears

    Video: Natalie Phillips – Silent Tears

    Thought I’d share this with you. About ten days ago, Natalie Phillips came into work to record a couple of songs. On this particular day, I in particular, was faced with a challenge. This had to be a very quick session. Natalie was coming in for 2 and I had a meeting, that I couldn’t get out of, at 3. Plus I couldn’t be late, as I was late for the last one, because I had been recording a session that ran over.

    Natalie arrived a little after 2, and myself and Phil Maltz (camera and lights) set up. I had a problem, there seemed to be something wrong with every cable I picked up. After costing myself an extra 5/10 minutes going through cables, I literally had 20 minutes to get two songs recorded. After a very quick soundcheck, literally a verse and a chorus of one song, we went for a take. Against time, every second counts and as the song was just kicking in, the guitar player stopped ‘Sorry, I made a mistake’. Trying to remain calm, it’s now 15 minutes to meeting time. We started again and flew beautifully through one track. Then Natalie asked ‘Do we have time for another?’

    One take, ‘Silent Tears’ was filmed and recorded and I have 5 minutes to spare before the meeting. Great performance from Natalie too.

  • Video: Adam Wedd – River

    Video: Adam Wedd – River


    In my last post, I mentioned at work we were recording musical performances for an online Advent Calendar. I was responsible for recording the audio and making sure we had something good going on! It’s a while since I recorded any live music so it was a great catch up. Some choirs, I used my little mixing desk to live mix down to two channels, which was a challenge as I was literally sitting in front of the performance and also picking up the ambient vibes.

    With Adam Wedd, I used my reliable Rode NT1-A vocal mic and then a Rode NTG2 shotgun to pick up his guitar. I had tried using other mics but there was too much spill for my liking. The simple two channel set up gave me enough control afterwards to mix the two together nicely.

    The audio was then broadcast on Premier Gospel’s Unsigned Christmas Special presented by Loretta Andrews.