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  • #AddYourVoice – Black History Month

    #AddYourVoice – Black History Month

    Back in September, we wanted to come up with something for Black History Month for Premier Gospel. The Gospel Team came up with the idea of having some people giving their opinions on topics, which affect their own communities.

    So guests were asked to give their opinions but what was lacking was the option of giving listeners a way to interact. So I came up with the idea of using #AddYourVoice. This meant that this series would have a longer shelf life than just Black History Month and the series could also be rolled over to incorporate other questions and topics.

    I came with the idea of using regular voices (people from around the office) to intro and outro the video pieces and not over processing these to make them some more human and relatable.These were also used as radio promos on Premier Gospel to direct listeners to the website. I also came up with the bed for when each subject is speaking in the videos. I wanted something that would keep the momentum but I knew it would also be low in the video mix, as to not interrupt or detract from what each was saying.

    Here’s two of the videos: