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  • Goldenplec Magazine: Read Issue 3 Online

    Goldenplec Magazine: Read Issue 3 Online


    If you haven’t managed to grab a copy of Goldenplec‘s most recent magazine, you can now read it online.

    The Autumn 2015 edition features Bitch Falcon on the cover and interviews with Myles O’Reilly of Artubus Yarns and Lisa Hannigan. There’s also a nice feature on music photography. Plus, you can find out what I thought of Ryan Sheridan‘s new album.

    Go ahead, give it a go!


  • Video: Chris De Burgh: There Goes My Heart Again

    Video: Chris De Burgh: There Goes My Heart Again

    The legend that is Chris De Burgh came into work to promote his new album. He did a Profile Interview with Justin Brierley, which I recorded. Then, Chris decided to give us all a treat and perform his new single ‘There Goes my Heart Again’, live in our little studio.

    Really pleased with how the audio turned out. Obviously, it help that this man has played more concerts and recorded more albums than I’ve had, hot dinners mightn’t be the correct analogy but you know what I mean.

    The video was filmed and edited by Phil Maltz.

  • Culture Café is relaunched as a podcast

    Culture Café is relaunched as a podcast

    Remember way back when I used to have a radio show called Culture Café ? It was a music arts and culture show which started life on DCUfm. It later moved home to be broadcast on RTÉ 2XM and occasionally on RTÉ 2fm.

    Well, when I moved to London, I discovered pretty soon that it was near on impossible to do a weekly arts show for Ireland, while I was based in London. So at that point I opted to change to a music show, The London Ear, which has been running since September 2013.

    I miss chatting about arts and culture stuff though, so I’ve decided to relaunch Culture Café as a podcast. I’m three episodes in now and really please with how it is being received so far.

    Episode 1 featured the very awesome singer songwriter, Beth Nielsen Chapman. Episode 2 featured playwright and actor David Gilna. The current episode of Culture Café features Jass Foley, an extremely talented photographer and Director of Photographer.

    If you’re an artist or would like to be featured in Culture Café please get in touch hello @culturecafepodcast .com (Take out the gaps)

    I’d love to know if you have any comments or suggestions!

    nessy x

  • A New Podcast / E-Book Idea

    rock bandI’ve decided to give myself a new challenge. For a while now, I’ve been thinking about putting an ebook together.

    I’ve been working with bands and musicians for the best part of, well, a long time. Once upon a time, a lot of my day was spent talking to musicians, chatting about the best way for them to approach releases, planning their social media and online presence (way before Facebook), all that sort of thing.

    Since I started presenting radio shows and keeping the blog, I get a lot of emails from bands, basically trying to sell their wares, it became apparent to me that a lot of musicians still don’t know how to approach people. That’s fair enough, they’re artists but unfortunately, in a world where the majority are independent artists, they also have to have a business head or at least the know-how to progress themselves. (more…)