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  • Video // Christmas Starts with…

    Video // Christmas Starts with…


    One of the campaigns that we’ve been working on in Premier is ‘Christmas starts with Christ’. Basically the idea is to put religion back in Christmas and forget about all the commercialism that surrounds it.

    So for this campaign, the video team, Phil and myself, had to come up with a video to show what the campaign was about.

    I had the initial idea of a moving street and at the end of the street we find a crib but I had thought that we may need to represent a family, perhaps even have them walking down the street. But within the duration of the video and the visuals of buses and streets, they would have got knocked over!

    So here’s one of the videos. Phil Maltz on 3D graphics and I built the soundtrack for the video. Voiceover supplied by Dave Rose.

    If you want to find out more about the campaign you can go to http://christmasstartswithchrist.com/

  • Not For Sale // There’s always more that needs to be done to the Modern Slavery Bill

    Not For Sale  // There’s always more that needs to be done to the Modern Slavery Bill

    So the Modern Slavery Bill is currently going through Parliament, earlier in the year we made a video to highlight what issues / changes need to be made to the bill.

    Now, that the Bill is actually going through Parliament we decided we need to highlight the cause again. This video happened in the opposite way to most videos we make. Using pieces from interviews broadcast on Premier, I pieced together the clips and created a soundtrack backing. We had a vision of what we needed so Phil Maltz and Andrew Horton went to Westminster to film clips for the video. Phil then edited everything to the pace of the audio. I think it works really well!

  • Soundtracking


    Well, that’s what I like to call it. Part of my job has evolved into coming up with some musical accompaniment for some videos we make at work, so I decided I’d share these with you. What so I have to put them together? Garageband, pure and simple. I don’t have a midi keyboard to put my own shape on things so I have to use the loops that come from Garageband and try and put an unique spin on them.

    Here are two that I’m happy with the outcome. The most recent one is for Mind and Soul’s promo video for 2014. Mind and Soul works to help alleviate the stigma mental health has in churches. The music had to reflect what they were speaking about but also drive the video forward so it doesn’t become monotonous.

    The second video had to have a contemporary modern feel as Antony Aris-Osula presented ‘Faith and Film’, discussing how faith and film interact and how some storylines and characters do have religious undertones.

    I was happy with how this turned out but when I listened to it on my computer, it seemed that volume was overall a little low and not just my music. After discussing this with the video team at work, it was agreed that all subsequent videos would have an overall higher volume. Afterall, this is online, it’s not television! Having to crank up your speakers, isn’t good! I still like my soundtrack!

    Both videos edited by Phil Maltz