• Video: Adam Wedd – River

    Video: Adam Wedd – River


    In my last post, I mentioned at work we were recording musical performances for an online Advent Calendar. I was responsible for recording the audio and making sure we had something good going on! It’s a while since I recorded any live music so it was a great catch up. Some choirs, I used my little mixing desk to live mix down to two channels, which was a challenge as I was literally sitting in front of the performance and also picking up the ambient vibes.

    With Adam Wedd, I used my reliable Rode NT1-A vocal mic and then a Rode NTG2 shotgun to pick up his guitar. I had tried using other mics but there was too much spill for my liking. The simple two channel set up gave me enough control afterwards to mix the two together nicely.

    The audio was then broadcast on Premier Gospel’s Unsigned Christmas Special presented by Loretta Andrews.