• Kristyna Myles – Big Love

    Kristyna Myles – Big Love


    At work we film musical artists and often use the audio from their performances for broadcast on radio. On this occasion, myself and Phil Maltz were working with Kristyna Myles. Phil takes charge of the video side of things when recording. Me, I look after the audio which on this occasion was actually pretty challenging.

    Normally, we would film a solo artist like Adam Wedd. At Christmas we recorded a series of choirs singing a cappella. Those are different and I had brought some of my own recording equipment, extra mics, cables etc just in case we needed them. For this, there were a few extra inputs I wasn’t expecting and a lack of extra mics and cables lying around, so I had to think on my feet, swap mics at we were soundchecking to see which was better with Kristyna’s vocals and with her keyboard and then mix it all live and record it down to two channels.

    I’m happy with the outcome of the version on Premier.tv however I prefer the version of the song we didn’t film. This is the one we used for broadcast on Premier Unsigned with Loretta Andrews. Yes, I might be picky, watch the video, listen to the audio file and let me know if you know what the difference is.

    Now have a listen!