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  • Smedia Awards tonight!


    So tonight is the National Student Media Awards. The event is being held in the Ballsbridge Hotel in Dublin 4. It’s always a good night out and DCUfm has done brilliantly over the past couple of years, hopefully that will repeat tonight.

    I’ve been selected as a finalist in the ‘Web Designer of the Year’ award for, which is nice.

    I was also shortlisted for

    • Blog of the Year for
    • Film Script of the Year for ‘Life Sucks’ – College project with Jordan, Rob, Miriam, Rachel and Lisa
    • Best Audio/Visual/Written piece on Science or Education Behaviourism 101 – College project with Catherine, Claire and Ciara

    I’m delighted with that as I didn’t enter any radio material. Rules say you can’t enter if you’ve done any related work professionally. So, it’s only fair.

    I’m looking forward to a good night out!

  • DCU Hybrid Awards – A win for me

    HybridAwardLast night was the third annual DCU Hybrid Awards since the awards were re-established. To say that I was impressed with the set up would be an understatement. The amount of work that the committee went to was stunning and the professionalism that was portrayed was amazing.

    The venue was moved to the Helix and it worked really well. The guys laid on a wine and nibbles reception beforehand and the ceremony itself featured some pretty cool visuals and video messages from judges who couldn’t be there. As for the judges themselves, a pretty awesome line up of Brian Dobson from SixOne, Debbie O’Donnell of TV3, Pat O’Mahony, Nialler9 plus many more all turned up.

    When the awards started up again, we were encouraged to enter as many categories as possible. One reason was to encourage other people to enter. Over the years, this seems to have worked a treat as there were so many entries that the committee had to adopt a shortlist before announcing the winner in each category. To my shock I ended up in a few.

  • Website of the year
  • Arts and Features Radio Show of The Year – Culture Cafe on 2XM
  • Radio DJ of the Year
  • TV Production of The Year (Behaviourism 101)
  • Script of the Year – ‘Life Sucks’ with Robert, Jordan, Miriam, Rachel and Lisa
  • Script of the Year – ‘Old Dog, New Tricks’
  • .

    I was absolutely delighted to win ‘Script of the Year’ for ‘Old Dog, New Tricks’, a non dialogue short film script which I wrote. It’s about an odd couple, think, an old geezer in a shiny tracksuit and Hyacinth Bucket if they were married. I’ve messed about with story ideas before but this is the first one that I’ve actually finished and handed to someone.

    I’m well chuffed!

  • Behaviourism 101

    I just thought that I’d share this little video with you. It was a group project for a college E-learning assignment to describe Behaviourism. From research notes, I came up with the script. I then recorded the audio to go with it, including my dodgy accent. Claire Whitehead is the other voice you hear.

    The others in the group, did the storyboarding, character creation and drawings. I then took all these pieces, the teacher in different positions, the dog and put each on different layers in Premier Pro for editing. It worked out that there were about ten layers, which isn’t bad.

    I’m really pleased with how it turned out.