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  • Interview with The Script

    Interview with The Script

    A couple of weeks ago, at the launch of Arthur Guinness Projects, I had the opportunity to chat to The Script. Nice lads! Have a listen!

  • Interview with Imagine Dragons

    Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Imagine Dragons. It was great to chat to them as they were in Ireland for the Trinity Ball and entered the Irish album charts at number 9. Two days later, their album, Nightvisions, entered the UK album chart at number 2.

    This interview was broadcast on Culture Cafe on RTE 2XM on April 11 2013.

  • Interview with Melanie C


    I was just listening to this interview and I thought I’d share it with you. Melanie C has been an artist I’ve admired for many years. She’s come a long way since the Spice Girls. She’s an independent artist and tremendously talented, she puts on a fantastic live show. I caught up with Melanie when she was in Dublin in October playing Mary Magdelene in Jesus Christ Superstar. Loved our chat and I will never forget Melanie’s smile when she spoke about her little girl.


  • Video Interview with Stone Trigger

    I’ve been trying out a little idea I had for the blog, interview bands, using video only, letting them be the only ones appearing on screen. It didn’t turn out too bad, the start is a tad shaky but overall I think it works. It was recorded with a Panasonic HX-DC10 and I recorded the audio with a Zoom H4n and then synced up the two. Here’s the latest one, with Stone Trigger.