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  • Video // Kacey Chambers – Core

    Video // Kacey Chambers – Core

    Kacey Chambers is and up and coming singer songwriter from London, who dropped into Premier for a chat and a song with Loretta Andrews, for ‘Unsigned’ which airs on Saturday at 6pm on Premier Gospel and at 9pm on Premier Christian Radio.

    Kacey was joined by Mike Brown, an absolutely legendary guitar player who has played with the legend that is George Michael, as well as Quincey Jones and countless other names. It was a pleasure to watch the master at work and knowing that he will still give up his time to play with a still ‘unknown’ is pretty cool. Plus as a huge George Michael fan, it was quite a kick for me 🙂

    Audio recorded by me, Phil Maltz on lighting cameraman duties.

  • Maybe It’s Because I’m a Londoner…

    Maybe It’s Because I’m a Londoner…

    Ok, well not quite but I’ve moved to London.

    I’m now working in a Media Group as a Cross Platform Co-ordinator. The company has two radio stations and three magazines as well as making in house videos. My job is to make sure each department work together and all stories or items of news get used across to the best of our abilities across each platform.

    It’s an interesting position, giving me an opportunity to work across a National UK radio station, broadcasting on DAB and MW (into Northern Ireland too), a local DAB station and the magazines.

    I’ve also been able to get stuck into some video and audio production too. Will post some links as soon as they are live.