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  • The Foxes are Back!

    So for the past couple of summers, our ‘nature reserve’ has been host to some foxes. This year one fox, who we call Sam, came back. I think Sam was here last year as one cub last year had blue/grey eyes, so does Sam.

    Anyway, on Friday, I witnessed the most amazing thing ever, as Sam Fox took her, wait for it, seven fox cubs, out for a walk for the first time. Unfortunately I didn’t have my trusty video camera charged up but here’s some footage from yesterday of one of the cubs. If you like that kind of stuff, you can see more pictures on Facebook or on my YouTube channel. I’ll update with any videos.

  • A New Podcast / E-Book Idea

    rock bandI’ve decided to give myself a new challenge. For a while now, I’ve been thinking about putting an ebook together.

    I’ve been working with bands and musicians for the best part of, well, a long time. Once upon a time, a lot of my day was spent talking to musicians, chatting about the best way for them to approach releases, planning their social media and online presence (way before Facebook), all that sort of thing.

    Since I started presenting radio shows and keeping the blog, I get a lot of emails from bands, basically trying to sell their wares, it became apparent to me that a lot of musicians still don’t know how to approach people. That’s fair enough, they’re artists but unfortunately, in a world where the majority are independent artists, they also have to have a business head or at least the know-how to progress themselves. (more…)