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  • Not For Sale // Help Us Stamp Out Slavery Forever

    Not For Sale // Help Us Stamp Out Slavery Forever

    notforsaleSo over the past week or two the video department at work has been working on this video for ‘Not For Sale’. An Anti Modern Slavery Bill will be going through Parliament in May and this video is to get people to sign the petition to make the bill better than it currently is.

    Have a look and go sign the petition if you live in the UK. Hopefully, the fact that my mug is in it won’t put you off.

  • Video: Adam Wedd – River

    Video: Adam Wedd – River


    In my last post, I mentioned at work we were recording musical performances for an online Advent Calendar. I was responsible for recording the audio and making sure we had something good going on! It’s a while since I recorded any live music so it was a great catch up. Some choirs, I used my little mixing desk to live mix down to two channels, which was a challenge as I was literally sitting in front of the performance and also picking up the ambient vibes.

    With Adam Wedd, I used my reliable Rode NT1-A vocal mic and then a Rode NTG2 shotgun to pick up his guitar. I had tried using other mics but there was too much spill for my liking. The simple two channel set up gave me enough control afterwards to mix the two together nicely.

    The audio was then broadcast on Premier Gospel’s Unsigned Christmas Special presented by Loretta Andrews.


  • Video: The Reapers Choir – O, Holy Night

    Video: The Reapers Choir – O, Holy Night

    ReapersSince I moved to London, I’ve been working in a media company. I’m Cross Platform Co-ordinator working across radio, magazines and video. In November, myself and lighting cameraman, Phil Maltz, set upon recording a series of music performances for an Advent Calender. So I thought I’d share a couple with you.

    This video features The Reapers Choir, a London based Gospel choir, who are fantastic. The challenge here for me was to get the best audio I could without having microphones in shot. I set up some shotguns pointing at each group and then also set up two Zoom H4Ns one with a very central location and one slightly to the side. When I listened to the audio, it became apparent that I shouldn’t mess with it at all so I used the audio I recorded from the centrally located Zoom.

    The audio was then used on the Premier Gospel Christmas Special hosted by Lady T

    Here it is:

  • Tall Ships Race Festival: Video and Photos

    Last weekend saw the return of The Tall Ships Race to Dublin, the last time it was in Dublin was in 1998 and I had the pleasure of attending a party which took place on a Russian ship, it was quite awesome. This time round, I took the opportunity to take out my trusty little pocket HD camera and get some footage of what was going on. I took some video on Thursday and on Saturday but this is my favourite as I think it gives more of feeling of the other things happening on the quayside.

    Here’s also a few little photos for you.. (more…)