• Thesis ready to hand in!

    thesisFinally, after a lot of work, my thesis is ready to hand in. I can’t say that it was hard work as I enjoyed doing it so much. I think the worse bit was transcribing all the interviews. With my title ‘The Roll out of Digital Audio Broadcasting in Ireland and Explorations into the Future Radio Landscape’, I think I’ve achieved what I wanted to.

    Once the analogue television switch over happens, this will leave a lot of frequencies open for the potential to terrestrially broadcast digitally using DAB or DAB+.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people from within the radio industry in Ireland and the U.K. for their time and patience with all my questions. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you all and hopefully we shall chat again soon. Also thanks to my supervisors, see I told you I could do it!

    Anyway to the radio professionals I spoke to, thank you

  • Pat O’Mahony, legend and all round good guy
  • Dusty Rhodes, Dbdb.ie / Digital Audio Productions
  • Andy Greene and Brendan Kehoe, Total Broadcast
  • Robin Crowley, Gaydar Radio
  • Donal Quinlan, Cork FM
  • Paul Campbell, Amazing Radio
  • Greg Parke, BuzzRadio.fm
  • Garvan Rigby, Spirit Radio
  • Dave Timpson, RTÉ
  • Pat Balfe, Communicorp
  • Peter Bradshaw, United Christian Broadcasting
  • Gregory Orton, Solaris Mobile
  • Denzil Lacey, Zava Media
  • Lisa Ní Choisdealbha, Independent Broadcasters of Ireland
  • SimonYoung, Radio/TV Presenter.
  • Greg McQuaid, KFOG, San Francisco, California
  • .
    Thank you all so much, I truly appreciate your help.