Video // Becca Folkes: It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Sometimes you meet artists who just have it, they have it without even trying. If you want to call it the X Factor, do, but it’s something special. One such artist is Becca Folkes. For Christmas we had some people come into the studio at work and perform a Christmas song. Some did originals, other take on classics.

I never heard of Becca Folkes before that but herself and the people that surround her have everything down to a T! They know what they are supposed to be doing, they’re pros. They come, don’t complain, get stuck into the session and when they the rehearsing stops and the performing starts, they ooze quality, with Becca, the shining star front and centre.

An incredible talent, remember where you heard the name first!

I recorded this track, Mr Phil Maltz, did the magic with the cameras and lights and shiny things..


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