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  • Culture Café is relaunched as a podcast

    Culture Café is relaunched as a podcast

    Remember way back when I used to have a radio show called Culture Café ? It was a music arts and culture show which started life on DCUfm. It later moved home to be broadcast on RTÉ 2XM and occasionally on RTÉ 2fm.

    Well, when I moved to London, I discovered pretty soon that it was near on impossible to do a weekly arts show for Ireland, while I was based in London. So at that point I opted to change to a music show, The London Ear, which has been running since September 2013.

    I miss chatting about arts and culture stuff though, so I’ve decided to relaunch Culture Café as a podcast. I’m three episodes in now and really please with how it is being received so far.

    Episode 1 featured the very awesome singer songwriter, Beth Nielsen Chapman. Episode 2 featured playwright and actor David Gilna. The current episode of Culture Café features Jass Foley, an extremely talented photographer and Director of Photographer.

    If you’re an artist or would like to be featured in Culture Café please get in touch hello @culturecafepodcast .com (Take out the gaps)

    I’d love to know if you have any comments or suggestions!

    nessy x

  • New Radio Show on RTE 2XM: The London Ear

    New Radio Show on RTE 2XM: The London Ear

    The London EarSince I moved to London, I found it a bit hard trying to keep up with the arts and culture world in Dublin. To be honest it’s near impossible,especially when Culture Cafe focuses on that. So unfortunately it became time to put Culture Cafe to bed for a bit. I’m not saying it’s the end of it. Once I get settled in London, I may turn Culture Cafe into a podcast.

    Culture Cafe has been running for nearly four years. The first episode was broadcast on DCUfm in September 2009. The show ran on DCUfm for two years before moving to RTE 2XM, where it has been running since July 2011.

    Now though, seeing as it’s time to move things on, I’m hosting a music show called The London Ear on RTE 2XM on Culture Cafe’s old timeslot on RTE 2XM, Wednesdays at 1400 and the repeat of the show on Sunday nights 2100.

    The show focuses on new music with a look at those based in Ireland and the UK, especially Irish bands that may be on tour or live in the UK.

    You can listen live here and you can get podcasts of the show here.

    If you are in a band and would like to get involved get in touch nessy @ nessymon.com (Take out the gaps) and yes, I am trying to take a photo at a different London Underground Station every week and turn it into The London Ear.

  • Interview with The Script

    Interview with The Script

    A couple of weeks ago, at the launch of Arthur Guinness Projects, I had the opportunity to chat to The Script. Nice lads! Have a listen!

  • Interview with Imagine Dragons

    Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Imagine Dragons. It was great to chat to them as they were in Ireland for the Trinity Ball and entered the Irish album charts at number 9. Two days later, their album, Nightvisions, entered the UK album chart at number 2.

    This interview was broadcast on Culture Cafe on RTE 2XM on April 11 2013.